Wednesday, February 10, 2010

21st Annual Conference on Recent Advances in Flame Retardancy of Polymeric Materials

Consumption of flame retardant chemicals is projected to reach 3.4 billion pounds worldwide by 2010, according to the latest forecast from BCC Research. With such strong growth it is imperative that professionals in the field keep up-to-date on the latest advancements and applications in flame retardancy (FR).

The 21st Annual Conference on Recent Advances in Flame Retardancy of Polymeric Materials is the premier technical event of its type in the US. Global experts in the field will discuss the latest technological findings in flame retardant materials and their important contributions to the aviation, automotive, computer, construction, electronics, and telecommunications industries. This event provides an exclusive forum for FR professionals interested in understanding the scientific technology used in the design and manufacturing of fire-resistant materials and end products.

Research scientists, chemists, design engineers, product development managers, marketing directors, business development executives, and consultants involved with the technological advancement and commercial application of flame retardant polymeric materials will benefit from attending this event.
Attendees to this meeting will:
  • Learn the latest technological advancements in FR.
  • Discover new applications and markets for FR products
  • Understand the consumer, environmental, and regulatory issues affecting the FR field
  • Review new developments in standardization and testing technology
  • Network with leading FR researchers and business executives
  • Benefit from a wealth of knowledge accumulated throughout the 19-year history of the conference
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