Monday, December 6, 2010

Biotechnology Research Review 2010 published

This Biotechnology Research Review includes highlights of reports published in 2010
on the following biotechnology markets:
  • Epigenomics: Opportunities in Biomarkers, Diagnostics and Therapeutics (BIO059B)
  • Global Biochip Markets: Microarrays and Lab-on-a-Chip (BIO049C)
  • Nucleic Acid Aptamers for Diagnostics and Therapeutics: Global Markets (BIO071A)
  • New Developments in Treating Genetic Disorders: The Global Market (BIO056B)
  • Chiral Technology: Global Markets (BIO012E)
  • Therapeutic Vaccines: The Global Market (BIO052B)
  • Biological Therapies for Cancer: Technologies and Global Markets (BIO048B)
  • DNA Sequencing: Emerging Technologies and Applications (BIO045C)

Click here for a complete table of contents.

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