Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Top Ten Suppliers in Synthetic Biology Technology

Enabling technologies and products serve as the engine that drives the development of the synthetic biology industry. Core products and technologies (e.g., standardized DNA parts, synthetic genes, chassis organisms) are the key tools by which cellular factories and systems produce enabled products.

Products enabled by synthetic biology methods (e.g., pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, chemicals, biofuels agricultural) target large downstream market opportunities, each worth tens of billions of dollars annually. The 2011 values of enabling and core products are estimated at $110.9 and $126.8 million, respectively, with projected 2016 market sizes of $653.7 and $698.8 million, respectively.

Enabling products and biologic components dominated this market in 2010. Enabling products include advanced DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, DNA synthesis and assembly, and specialty media. Biologic components include synthetic genes, delivery plasmids and biobrick parts. These technologies and products are used extensively by laboratories conducting research in synthetic biology. Biologic components are especially needed by laboratories that perform synthetic biology experiments in directed evolution, metabolic engineering and heterologous protein expression, among others

Explore the Top Ten Suppliers in Synthetic Biology Technology (BIO119A) and the key driving forces in synthetic biology market:
  • Reduction in cost of DNA Sequencing
  • Reduction in production costs of nucleotide (NT) oligos and genes
  • Growing demand for more efficient protein expression systems
  • Continued growth in National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget
  • Government support for renewable fuels
  • Shift to newer biotechnology platforms
  • Need for cellulosic conversion technologies

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