Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fuel Cell Industry Review, 2010 Published

The Fuel Cell Industry Report Review, 2010 provides a comprehensive summary of all major news and other events that affected the global fuel cell industry in 2010. Included
is coverage of:
  • Technology advances 
  • Key mergers and acquisitions
  • Business alliances and partnerships 
  • Research and development 
  • Government funding 
  • New products and their effect on industry advancement 
  • Current and pending legislation that will affect the industry 
  • Key industry events
The goal of BCC Research in compiling and publishing the Fuel Cell Industry Report Review, 2010 is to provide key players with all important 2010 news and an analysis of how the industry will be affected in one publication.
We hope you will find this Review valuable, and we look forward to another year of serving our customers' technology market research needs.

Click here for a complete table of contents.

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