Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2010 Information Technology Research Review Published

The term “Information Technology” covers such a wide-ranging spectrum of activity it is perhaps misleading to over generalize. Yet we can say that in 2010 the importance of key technologies became ever more vital – in particular those of search, and voice recognition. They form the backbone for several emerging industries, many of which are touched upon in our report coverage, directly or indirectly.

Noteworthy is the connection to our industrial categories, including advanced materials and semiconductor manufacturing. Their alliance with information technology adds value well in excess of the sum of the parts.   

The 2010 Information Technology Research Review  provides a sampling of the type of quantitative market information, analysis and guidance that has been aiding business decision making since BCC was founded in 1971. It includes highlights of reports published in 2010 covering the following markets: 

  • Commercial Building Automation Products: Technologies and Global Markets (IFT010B) 
  • Voice Recognition: Technologies and Global Markets  (IFT039B) 
  • Biometrics: Technologies and Global Markets (IFT042C) 
  • Transparent Electronics: Technologies and Global Markets (IFT065A)
  • Semiconductor Memory: Technologies and Global Markets (IFT072A)
  • Antennas for Systems and Devices: Technologies and Global Markets (IFT073A)
  • Customer-Facing Retail Technologies: Global Markets (IFT075A)

We hope you find this Research Review valuable, and we look forward to serving our customers’ information technology market research needs in the future.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Global market for industrial enzymes to reach $4.4 billion by 2015

The global market for industrial enzymes is estimated at $3.3 billion in 2010. This market is expected to reach $4.4 billion by 2015, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% over the 5-year forecast period.

Learn about the current and future characteristics of the global market for industrial enzymes. The scope of this study encompasses industrial enzymes, biotechnical, chemical, and biotechnology markets. BCC analyzes each market and its applications, regulatory environment, technology involved, market projections, and market share. Technological issues include the latest trends and developments...

Use this report to:
  • Understand the global market for industrial enzymes as well as the comparative strengths and weaknesses of each enzyme and technology
  • Validate marketing plans with this evaluation of future strategies within the industrial enzymes market, including market initiatives, setbacks, and demands
  • Assess growing competition, and changing customer needs, patent expiries, new technologies, and other influences on market growth, and allocate marketing and R&D resources accordingly
  • Maintain a competitive standing by learning about the acquisition strategies and collaborations of key companies.
To provide further information about this report we offer a Complimentary Introduction, available from our Website. To download, simply click here, go to the Table of Contents tab, add the complimentary introduction to your cart, and confirm your order.

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