Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recently published advance materials category reports

We have some new market research reports in the advance materials category which may be beneficial for you.

Take a look at our recently published advance materials category reports. These are: -

Top Ten Companies in Rare Earths (AVM090A)

This technical business study emphasizes on the companies involved in production, purification and extraction of the 17 traditionally defined rare earths. This study also highlights the valuable applications of these 17 rare earth elements.

Lightweight Materials in Transportation (AVM056C)

Lightweight materials play an important role in reducing fuel consumption in the transportation sector. This report provides assessment of the business opportunities for providers of lightweight materials that will arise over the next five years and also analysis of the technical, commercial and other prerequisites of success in these markets.

Top Ten Companies in Powder Metallurgy (AVM088A)

This report is written with the intent of covering two major segments of the powder metallurgy industry: (1) those companies that manufacture metal powders, and (2) those who use the metal powders to fabricate components.  If one were to rank companies by annual revenues, it is clear that the parts fabricators will easily outrank the powder manufacturers based on the value of the final product being produced, as the output of one segment is one of the inputs to the second.

Commercial Roofing Materials: The North American Market (AVM071B)

This report provides information on commercial roofing products used in the North American commercial roofing market including the latest information on product developments and technology enhancements.

Photonics 2012 Review (AVM087A)

This Photonics Research Review provide highlights of reports published in 2012 on advanced materials markets; it includes brief descriptions about Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs), Nanotechnology for Photonics, Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for Lighting Applications, Global Markets and Technologies for Medical Lasers and Global Markets and Technologies for Photovoltaic Systems.

For a complete listing of report titles for advanced materials, please visit:

Apart from the above reports, there are some upcoming reports which you might be interested in. List of such reports is given below: -
  • Global Markets and Technologies for Photonic Crystals(AVM059C)
  • Aerogels (AVM052C)
  • Nonwoven Filter Media: Technologies and Global Markets (AVM043D)
  • Protective Sports Equipment: The North American Market (AVM085A)
  • Emerging Inkjet Printing Technologies, Applications and Global Markets (AVM091A)
  • Bioinspired and Nanoengineered Surfaces: Technologies, Applications and Global Markets (AVM089A)
For more information on upcoming reports on various catagories please click here.

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