Thursday, February 28, 2013

High Bandwidth Applications Driving Smart Antenna Growth

The growth in shipment sales indicates a surge in the antenna applications. This surge is orchestrated by the increased need to connect disparate devices, for which wireless communications provide quick and cost-effective solutions. Wireless sensors are a case in point. The dominant theme in the surge for applications is the heavy dependence on low-ore medium-power antennas. Such antennas have lower selling prices, due to which an increase in shipment sales does not necessarily translate into an equivalent increase in dollar sales. BCC Research also forecasts that high-bandwidth applications will have a significant role to play, especially in the growth of smart antenna market.

BCC Research forecasts a sedate growth in dollar sales and a more upbeat picture in shipment volumes. The state of the antenna market depends largely on the health of its respective end-use application markets. Antennas are relatively consistent in their functioning with simple operating principles. Consequently, the dynamics of the end-use application markets are the deciding factors in the growth of antenna sales.
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BCC Research surmises that low - and medium-power antennas will find a receptive audience in the large majority of these applications. This trend will bulk up shipment sales of specific antenna technologies that support small form-factor and low power antennas. Smart antennas will be driven by high-bandwidth applications and will eventually be cannibalizing competing technologies. It should be noted that smart antennas are not restricted by mandates on their form-factor, application, range and power. Thus, the shipment and dollar sales of all other antenna technologies are computed only for the non-smart antenna products.

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