Friday, February 8, 2013

Hiring Market Research Analysts !!

We are Hiring! 

Market Research Analysts

In line with the company's growth, numerous openings are available for seasoned market research analysts/writers who can research and write complete, self-contained technical/economic market research reports covering technology markets such as advanced materials, chemicals, plastics, semiconductor processing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, fuel cells, various energy topics, alternative fuels, information technology, instrumentation/controls, environmental issues such as air and water pollution monitoring/reduction, and other technology markets.

Compensation is competitive. Analysts work from their own home offices independently and can be based anywhere in the world. Compensation includes a guaranteed advance against royalties and ongoing royalties based on total report sales.

Qualifications, Experience, and Knowledge:

The successful analyst should:
  • Be analytically inclined
  • Be able to find and/or access primary sources of market data and intelligence
  • Be very comfortable with numerical data and have the ability to estimate and forecast the market demand, in both dollars and physical units, for products and technologies
  • Have good research skills and familiarity with data sources in their chosen field
  • Be organized and able to meet publishing deadlines
  • Be sensitive to possible copyright issues when it comes to composition of report text and tables
  • Have the ability to present a well-integrated, readable, and organized qualitative and quantitative document
  • An advanced degree (preferably in an industry mentioned above) is helpful but relevant experience can often be as valuable or even more valuable

Applicants should e-mail a copy of their resume to Bhavya Narayanappa, BCC Research Analyst Relationship Lead, at

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