Friday, February 15, 2013

New Chemicals market research reports from December 2012 Onwards

We have some new market research reports in the chemicals category which may be beneficial for you.

Take a look at some of the chemicals market research reports published from December 2012 onwards. These are: -

Global Markets for Oleochemical Fatty Acids (CHM062A)

Fatty acids are used in a number of applications with significant volumes consumed in rubber processing, emulsion polymerization, homecare, industry and institutional cleaning, and the personal care industry in terms of creams, lotions and soaps. This report provides an overview of the Markets for Oleochemical Fatty Acids including applications for natural fatty acids, legislation, patents, new technologies and trends in fatty acid technology.

Global Markets and Advanced Technologies for Paints and Coatings (CHM049C)

The market for coatings and paints includes liquid- and powder-based paints, varnishes and related products used in architectural and decorative, industrial and specialty product segments. This report provides an overview of the market for coatings and paints including information on coating technologies, industry structure and competitive analysis of the industry.

The Global Industrial Gas Business (CHM041D)

Industrial gases play crucial roles in many sectors of the global economy. One of the major strengths of the industrial gas industry is that it is not tied to one or two major markets for its success. This research study provides an overview of Industrial gas business including information on segmentation of market by region, technology assessment and government regulations and legislations.  Industry structure, patent analysis and industrial gas health and safety issues are also discussed.

Global Markets for Chemicals for Cosmetics & Toiletries (CHM018G)

Cosmetic products are substances or substance preparations that are intended to be employed externally for the purpose of cleansing, grooming or influencing a person’s appearance or body odor or to impart olfactory effects. This research study provides an analysis of global cosmetics and toiletries market by end-use application and major materials types including information on industry structure and competitive analysis, and major companies and patents in industry.

2012 Chemicals Research Review (CHM057C)

This Chemicals Research Review provide highlights of reports published in 2012 on chemicals markets; it includes brief descriptions about global markets for catalyst regeneration, ozone generation technologies, flavors and fragrances sterilization technologies.

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Apart from the above, there are some upcoming reports which you might be interested in. For information on upcoming reports on various categories please click here.

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