Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get The Latest Energy and Environmental Market Forecasts and Trends from BCC Research

BCC Research reports provide forecasts and trends, key market drivers, emerging technologies and market analysis that gives an overall picture of the current and future market on global and regional scales. In-depth patent analysis and company profiles of major players and stakeholders within the market are all included in BCC Research reports to show which companies are currently forming the market and emerging technologies that will signal growth in the future. Explore these recently published titles as well as upcoming reports from our Environmental, Energy and Resources, Membrane and Separation Technology and Fuel Cell and Battery categories.

U.S. Medical Waste Treatment, Containment, Management and Disposal Markets - ENV005C:

This report includes an overview of products in the medical waste market, offers detailed market analyses, and discusses competitive environments. The study has information about significant products and players, issues and trends influencing the marketplace as well as other data impacting the medical waste industry. Includes forecasts through 2017.

Global Markets and Technologies for Biofuel Enzymes - EGY099A:

This report explores present and future strategies within the biofuel enzymes market, which includes amylases, cellulases, xylanases, lipases and other enzymes. The improvisation, setbacks and needs of the market are discussed in this report.

Air Pollution Control for Coal-Fired Power Plants - EGY030C:

The report provides an analysis of the market for air pollution control technologies and equipment for both utility and non-utility coal-fired power plants. It includes technologies designed for retrofitting existing plants to meet new standards, as well as technologies for repowering existing facilities and for new plant construction. Includes forecasts through 2017.

Global Markets and Technologies for Water Recycling and Reuse - MST051B:

This study provides a review of the global markets and technologies for wastewater recycling and reuse at the regional level, along with additional breakdowns for select relevant national-level markets.

Membrane Technology for Liquid and Gas Separations - MST041F:

This study is intended for individuals requiring an in-depth analysis of the membrane industry that traces significant developments and forecasts important trends, quantifies the various market sectors, and highlights companies active in those areas. Includes forecasts through 2017.
Large and Advanced Battery Technology and Markets - FCB024F

This report is intended to provide a unique analysis of the global large-and-advanced battery market, and will be of interest to manufacturers of batteries, battery chargers and battery-powered products, including stationary and portable products, and battery-powered vehicles. Includes forecasts through 2017.

Call a business development manager to discuss these upcoming titles:

•    Emerging Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment - ENV016A
•    Biomimicry: Current and Future Global Markets - ENV017A
•    Global Markets for Gasifiers - EGY106A
•    Enhanced Oil Recovery: Technologies and Global Markets - EGY071B
•    DSC and OPV Solar Technologies: Global Markets - EGY105A
•    Nuclear Energy: Technologies and Global Markets - EGY032B
•    Global Markets and Technologies for Natural Gas Storage - EGY045B
•    Materials for Proton Exchange Membranes and Membrane Electrode Assemblies for PEM Fuel Cells -  FCB035D
•    The Global Market for Membrane Microfiltration - MST028E

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