Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Global Blood Industry Continues to Grow with Aging Population

The global blood industry has experienced strong growth in the past few years. It is expected that this growth will continue because of an increase in aging populations in the U.S., Europe and Japan, and also due to advancements in technology and new product introductions. It also includes CD4/CD8 counts conducted on hematology systems.

The U.S. leads the global hematology instruments and reagents market, while growth in demand for hematology instruments and reagents is expected to increase in the Asia-Pacific, Latin American and other emerging markets. The in vitro diagnostic markets of Brazil, China and India are registering significant growth, owed to the increasing population, economic development, increased healthcare spending and higher affordability for private medical care. Markets in Brazil, China and India are expected drive the in-vitro diagnostics products, including hematology instruments and reagents, backed by the strong technical capabilities already present in these countries.

The global healthcare diagnostic testing industry, including hematology, promises significant growth potential, backed by the healthcare reforms being undertaken across various regions in developed and emerging markets, such as India and China. Hematology instruments and reagents have become important for the hematological diagnosis and are growing strong.

Demand for hematology analyzers is also influenced by the development of alternative technologies such as POC instruments, and integrated analyzers, advancements in product automation and highly streamlined lab processes. A number of patients prefer home monitoring devices which has led to a decline in demand for stand-alone coagulation analyzers, and therefore low-volume analyzers continue to be replaced by home monitoring devices. Near patient testing, blood-thinning therapeutics and clot busting continue to remain the market drivers for the coagulation analyzers market especially for high throughput and specialty coagulation analyzers.

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The market is also influenced by cost control pressures, error reduction issues, and low revenue contribution from reagents and consumables. Many companies are increasing investments into product development areas, to enter the market with sophisticated, user-friendly, accurate and efficient systems to meet the requirements of hospital and clinical laboratories.

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