Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Global shipments of OLEDs to grow to $20.3 billion in 2017

Global shipments of OLEDs totaled $3.2 billion in 2011 and $4.9 billion in 2012. Total OLED shipment value is expected to reach $20.3 billion in 2017 after increasing at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.6%.

Learn about the global market for organic light-emitting diodes, as well as the geographical breakdown of OLED production and consumption. The latest technological developments in this rapidly developing market as well as profiles of major players in this industry are provided as well...

Use this report to:
  • Quantify the OLED market in 2012 and analyze growth potential through 2017
  • Analyze technology trends and relevant patents
  • Focus on major market segments such as electronic displays and solid-state lighting as well as emerging market segments such as sensors
  • Analyze the economic, political and legal/regulatory environments for OLEDs.
To provide further information about this report we offer a Complimentary Introduction, available from our Website. To download, simply click here, go to the Table of Contents tab, add the complimentary introduction to your cart, and confirm your order.

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Source: BCC Research

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