Monday, January 6, 2014

Latest in Plastics market research from BCC Research

Although hit hard by the recent economic recession, the plastics industry remains one of the global economy's largest and fastest-growing industrial sectors. Today’s global plastics market is being impacted by dramatic changes in the availability of key feedstocks. The shale gas boom in North America is driving a resurgence of the U.S. market. Meanwhile, China and other emerging economies are leveraging coal-based olefin production to strengthen their market positions.

Identifying successful acquisition opportunities within such a dynamic environment requires unbiased research and in-depth industry analysis. BCC Research brings technology experts and business analysts together to provide the highest quality market intelligence on the global Plastics market. Our analysis and forecasting in this area are unsurpassed.

Recently Published Reports:

PLS075A - Rigid Transparent Plastics: Global Markets Outside North America

With applications in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, automotive, construction, electronics, and household goods, many sectors of the rigid transparent plastics market have rebounded since the 2008 economic crisis. Rigid Transparent Plastics: Global Markets Outside North America provides a comprehensive overview of the global markets for rigid transparent plastics outside of North America. This study also includes an assessment of market applications, including building/construction, automotive, appliances, electronics, and medical. (January 2014)

PLS018D - The Plastics Compounding Market

Plastic compounding of raw resins is a critical step in the commercial production of plastic products for the automotive, consumer electronics, and appliance industries. Indeed, compounding improves the quality and performance of resins and can lead to the development of higher performing substances. The Plastics Compounding Market provides an overview of the plastics compounding market and evaluates coverage of the major thermoplastic resins and thermoplastic elastomers; the resins include high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and engineering thermoplastics. (November 2013)

PLS025E -Biodegradable Polymers

Although biodegradable polymers have been commercial for several decades, this market is often characterized by a high degree of flux, something you find in new or emerging markets. New biodegradable polymers are being introduced, accompanied by withdrawals of other products. Biodegradable Polymers provides an overview of the global market for biodegradable polymers, defined as polymers that are completely converted by microorganisms to carbon dioxide, water, and humus. An explanation of how this niche market is beset with a variety of roadblocks, led by high prices, lack of industrial infrastructure in the United States, and a strong global legislative mandate to increase the usage of these materials is also included. (October 2013)

PLS007E - Plastics for Healthcare Packaging

The demand for healthcare plastics is increasing year on year as healthcare cost control initiatives drive their penetration in healthcare packaging applications. Plastics for Healthcare Packaging provides an overview of the market for plastics in the packaging of healthcare products, segmented by pharmaceutical and medical packaging. This study covers many of the most important economic, technological, regulatory, and environmental considerations in markets for the use of plastics to package healthcare products. (July 2013)

PLS074A - The Chinese Market for Medical Polymers

The Chinese medical polymer market has grown steadily over the past few years because of its close links to the Chinese pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The Chinese Market for Medical Polymers provides an overview of the Chinese market for medical polymer materials, including resins, fibers, elastomers, and other polymers. It also includes an assessment of three parts of the Chinese medical polymer industry, including medical resins and fibers, medical elastomers, and biodegradable medical polymer materials. (June 2013)

Upcoming Report:

PLS029D - The Global Market for Composites: Resins, Fillers, Reinforcements, Natural Fibers & Nanocomposites

This technical market research report will provide an overview of the global composites market, including resins, fillers, reinforcements, natural fibers, and nanocomposites. An analysis of market size estimates and forecasts for the North American market and all major market segments through 2018 will also be included. (January 2014)

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